University of Minnesota

Ghosts in the Corridor
October 26 - November 6, 2020

Sayge Carroll
Nicholas Bauch
Brandon Chambers
Taylor Johnson
Julia Maiuri
Caitlin Skaalrud
Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Nearly a year into a global pandemic, we live in an extended liminal space where all that feels familiar is beyond arm’s reach. What does intimacy look like without physicality? How do we experience memory when removed from the relation to time and space?

Ghosts in the Corridor features the work of eight graduate students exploring visitations and hauntings; relationship to ancestors, ritual, and mourning; animacy of objects, animals, and landscapes; multiple realities and dream worlds. If only for a brief moment, we invite each of our ghosts to exist and talk to one another in the same place.

Off Site Project

MoCA Kittengale was included in the paper Volume: Social Media Metrics in Digital Curation by Pita Arreola-Burns and Elliott Burns of Off Site Project. The paper was originally presented at the ‘Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts 2020’ conference organized by the University of Salford.

Addressing a subsection of the art world comprising digital native galleries and projects, this paper examines the effects social media and its metricised simulacrum of society has had on the shape, focus and culture of digital exhibition practices.

The authors argue that an immediate relationship, or feedback loop, has been established between the online exhibition space and its promotional capacities, which in turn influences curatorial decision making in order to maximise network distribution, to increase visibility via Likes, Comments and Shares. From a survey of fifteen online galleries, four key areas of exploration are highlighted, establishing an overview of the complex relationship with social media that these curators negotiate daily.

Positioned within this community of practice, the authors ask whether Web 2.0 and its trickle-up labour economy has fundamentally changed curatorial practice.

Read the full paper

Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota

Wall drawing in collaboration with Diane Willow and the ArTeS (Art + Technology + Science) Initiative will be on view from March 3 - 7, 2020 as part of the exhibition The Beginning of Everything: An Exhibition of Drawings.

Regis Center for Art (East)
405 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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11:00 AM – 7:00 PM | Tuesday – Saturday

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